Byu Intramural Release Agreement

Any player who receives a red card is suspended from all intramural activity until the meeting with the program coordinator. Once the player meets with the program coordinator, the duration of the suspension is determined. Any player who receives three sports points during a semester in one or more sports is suspended for the remainder of this semester. Current participants in a university,extramural or intercollegiate team club are not allowed to participate in a similar intramural sport. To participate in a team sport, each player must be included in his team online until 3 p.m. for the week`s matches and until Friday at 3 p.m. for Saturday games. The Roster online team program is located on the intramural site and requires the password printed on each team`s schedule. To add players, enter the TEAM ID OR The network ID of a team member, then click “Add a player.” Please note that under no circumstances will players be admitted to the team`s team on the field/court. It is recommended that each team have more than the required number of players on its online team in order to avoid possible degradation. Game plans can be viewed on the intramural site or in the glass windows adjacent to the intramural office (145 Richards Building).

Elimination tournaments are usually scheduled one week after the other and are usually booked on Fridays until 16:00. Specific dates for tournament rankings and start dates can be find in the activity information sheet. Participants are responsible for displaying reserved seasons to determine the time, date and location of all scheduled games/games. Individuals who acquire six sports points receive a letter indicating that they are suspended from the intramural program. If they continue to participate, they will realize that other sporting problems will result in a two-year suspension of intramural privileges. All current teachers, administrators, 3/4 and full-time workers and their spouses are eligible. Children dependent on teachers/employees do not have intramural privileges. Students can also use their mobile devices for jackbox games. Fibbage and Quiplash are expected to have the highest participation rate of any intramural competition. The Honor Code Office has ensured that family settings are activated. Participants who play in a game without registering will receive a minimum block of one game.

A participant who finds that he is in violation of intramural support guidelines will receive a blockage of at least one of all intramural activities. Contests that are played with an illegal participant are declared in disrepair. A second violation of intramural aid guidelines is subject to a one-year ban.

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