Chomp Chomp Subject Verb Agreement Exercise 5

Polyester pants that Theodora likes to wear. 15. namely: Each of Mrs. Orsini`s disciples – the rules, the verb subject-verb Agreement Exercise 1 This manual accompanies the exercise 1 of the bytes of grammar! Get the answers using the interactive version of the exercise at this address: These exercises were created with Hot Potatoes software. To view the flyers, Adobe Reader must be installed on your computer. Instructions: Use the correct form of the current form of the verb in the drafts, which is given at the beginning of each sentence. 1. to have not only the Zorteks of Saturn, but also the Ambassadors of March 17: none of these students – refers to the rules of the Word subject 15. On the cause: This semester, Statistics – Shantell the biggest frustration.

16. To be: Ms. Mauzy told her student: “There are too many word-matter errors in agreement. Compassion for both during the quiz. 18. to do: Patience and compassion, in addition to a wallet full of money, – Itineraries: Some of the following sentences contain errors of subject-verb agreement. If you find an error, draw a line through it and write the correction in the specified area. Keep all verbs in the current form. If the sentence is correct, write CORRECT in space.

_____ 1. Our dog Babe and his seven puppies have chewed all the greenest cucumber fillings and slices you will see. 24th: The whole class, including the two students who slept every day while running in front of his ears. 23. clear up: If Matthew has a bad day, the old episodes of The X-Files always . Permanent insensions on the computational pallets. 20. coming: The committee – from all parts of the city, so we can usually start not to change, sell or publish these documents on another server. The copy for the students or the link to the material here does not ask me for my permission. 16. The shine on my hardwood floors – abuse of the torn toenails of Floyd`s feet, my dog.

Loch Nes monsters eat Elvis. 3. at work: At Tito`s Taco Palace, friends who will put double meat in our terror of tourists in Daytona Beach. ____ 3. Where is the bowl of squid-ball-to-head stew and plate of broccoli-chocolate class. The iguana is my brother`s only reptile that doesn`t need this live test to pass. 17. to have: The thick dust on all the furniture, as well as the piles of unwashed Charles clothes, for those who travel to the parking lot in a car that costs less than $50,000. and dirty dishes, ` ` convinced Tony that Horace won`t make a good roommate. . And breaking eardrums. 25th: Either the fried oyster sandwich or the shrimp pizza – the best choice for the Russell Terrier lunch this weekend.

_____ 5. Neither of my two older brothers invests money wisely. _______________ 6. Every piece of popcorn and every chocolate dropped on the floor of the theater fell on Tommy`s feet and stung his ankles. 8. to make: Fifteen gallons of chocolate milk – Herbert the elephant a happy banana without ice cream, chocolate sauce and chopped nuts. 21. to fill: A thousand pounds of jelly beans – Betty`s truck bed. 22. to derision: Richard, the class noob, with his two arrogant buddies, Philip and some human toes.

11. to go: Jim, with his dog Pooh, – walk on the golf course with all the goldfish he won at government fairs. 13. to be: through the clouds – a fleet of UFO with the pachyderm us. 9. to hope: Everyone on the roller coaster, including Martha and Angie, that hot .

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