Motorcycle Theory Test


Anyone wishing to add a new category to their driving licence has to do the relative theory test.

However you do not need to have passed a theory test to undertake a CBT. Practicing the theory test will help you improve your knowledge of the Highway Code.

You can also progress through our training programme (comfort sessions). However, the theory test must be passed to arrange your Module 1 test.

The theory test comprises of 2 parts:

Firstly multi-choice questions:

There are 50 of which you must answer 43 correctly to pass.

Secondly Hazzard Perception:

In this section the computer will play 14 video clips and you have to click when you see the hazard, 1 of which there are 2 hazards. If you click when the computer wants you to you will score 5 points and then it drops 4,3,2,1,and if you click to many times a 0 score. You need to score 44 points out of a possible 75 points. Both parts of this test must be passed on the same sitting.

You can book your theory test online at the website.