Exceptional Rider Training, (ERT).
Head Office?54. Sandpit Lane, St. Albans, AL1 4BW
Phone friendly: 08001123 023 (switchboard).
Mobile friendly: 03331 233 023
Web: www.ertbike.com
E-mail: ronn.tapp@ertbike.com

Privacy policy

The personal details we collect are your Name, Address, Contact Phone Number and E-mail address. We will also require your driving licence and theory pass details if you are doing a test course (please have these details with you when you make your booking). This information is used when organising your training course. No financial details, (credit or debit card numbers) are stored.

Disclosure policy

Your details will not be shared with any other parties.

Deposits, cancellations and refunds policy

A minimum deposit of 50% of the course fee is required to book a course. Full payment is required if booking less than 2 weeks in advanced.?Deposits are non-refundable for non-attendance. If a valid reason for not attending is given within 3 working days of the start of your course, every attempt will be made to reorganise the course, although no guarantee will be made in this respect.

Please note: any request for a refund MUST be received 5 working days before the commencement of your CBT training or 10 working days for 4/5/6 day intensive training courses. If a course is booked within the cancellation period NO refund can be authorised, although we MAY be able to transfer the course to an alternative date. In an unforeseen event, Exceptional Rider Training has the right to cancel or postpone your course to a later date.

Delivery Policy

You will need to attend the training site as instructed during the booking process.

Words of wisdom and warning

However experienced you are, or become, motorcycling involves the risk of falling over. Therefore we insist that everyone MUST wear a safety helmet and keep legs, arms and hands covered when riding. This means you wearing trousers or jeans, long sleeved waterproof top, sturdy footwear (NOT steel toe caps) and suitable gloves. If you do not have a safety helmet, we will provide one along with a reflective training bib. Remember that motorcycling continues during the wet and cold weather, so some extra warm clothing may be needed through the colder months. In the hotter month you must still cover up, so no shorts and t-shirts please. Inappropriate clothing can result in your course being cancelled on the day. If you wear glasses or contact lens you MUST wear them on the day. As eyesight test is a legal requirement.

Safety code

There are strict safety codes applying to ALL that train with us. Motorcycling can be dangerous particularly if the safety code is not adhered to. Although every precaution is taken to ensure that any risk is minimised, complete safety cannot be guaranteed. Persons undertaking training with us do so at their own risk.


While using the company?s bikes for training you are covered by full comprehensive insurance cover. However there is an excess on the policy of the first £350.00 which the student is liable for, in the event of any damage.

Important Documentation

You MUST bring a valid UK Driving Licence, (photo-card type). If you have the OLD PAPER LICENCE please bring your PASSPORT to confirm your ID (NO other form of ID is acceptable) Also CBT and Theory Test pass certificate (if applicable) with you for everyday that you are training with us. You will be asked to sign at the start of your training to confirm you are not disqualified from driving. The signature needs to be as it is on your driving licence.  If you are providing your own bike for training, you MUST bring a valid INSURANCE certificate and MOT certificate (where applicable), as these needs to be shown to your instructor on the day of training. You MUST also have valid ROAD TAX, this should be attached to the bike on the left-hand side, and full size L-plates (front and rear) clearly displayed. Without these requirements you will not be able to use your own bike for training. If you are taking a full motorcycle tests, your examiner will require your valid UK Licence, CBT certificate and Theory Test pass certificate in order to test you.
The course and practical tests is carried out in the spirit of the Highway Code. It therefore may be a good idea to get and read the Highway Code book, as this will help you, if you haven?t done so already.

On the day(s) of your training??We will stop for a lunch break during the day, (CBT) So you will need to bring either a packed lunch or cash to buy some lunch as this is not included in the course fee.

Enjoy Life…Ride Well…Be Safe.